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Now filling up TSP Basic Level One Course 6-Week Intensive course to start in mid/late November, 2020.  If you are interested, spaces are extremely limited and classes are small, contact Nancy immediately to save your space - at


Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30 PM Eastern Time

November 10, 17, 24, December 1, 8, 15

Saturdays, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM Eastern Time

November 14, 21,28, December 5, 12, 19

COVID Discount Price: $180.00/Paypal 


6-WEEK INTENSIVE - 2 Hours/Week

Starting September 29, 2020

Open to Beginners, Psychics & Remote Viewers.

Learn the "next generation" remote viewing techniques.  

Learn about how to work with complex targets, partial frontloading, client feedback sessions, full documentation of remote viewed data, incorporating synchronicities into your RV work, new scoring techniques, and much more! Weekly homework and class exercises.  

Mondays, Sept. 29-Nov. 2, 2020

7:30-9:30 PM Eastern Time

Zoom - Small classes, space very limited, sign up now!

Cost - $180.00 for all 12 hours of instruction 

Go to Readings/Services page to make payment via Paypal



"Nancy pushes her students past their logical biases to get to their individual psychic gold!  She makes something as abstract as psychic phenomena easy to understand in her detailed slides and fascinating case studies.  I loved hearing her stories in the field.  She's a true pioneer!"

Andrea D. (New York)

"It's clear to me that Nancy really thought of everything while creating TSP.  From start to finish this a wonderful class and elegant tool to not only access but also document our psychic impressions.  TSP does this while keeping within range - and I dare say, enhancing - other scientific RV protocols."

Jon G. (New Jersey)

"I like the way the teaching flowed, from theory to examples/personal experiences, quick exercises, and then the grand finale.  It was like a grand piece of music.  Nancy was clear in the delivery of her sessions, and I was able to see she had invested a lot of time in preparing for her classes, the information given in each session and sheets afterwards were very detailed, full of information of tremendous value for someone that just started this learning process."

Maria V. (England)

"TSP is a unique form of RV that takes it a stage further.  Nancy's class itself is condensed and engaging.  Several times we were well into overtime before I was even aware of it.  Our last assignment was fascinating, and dealt with a controversial news story of some years back.  I was still thinking about it days after the last class had ended."

Val V. (Oregon)

"I've really enjoyed this TSP Remote Viewing Basic course.  The readings we did for this course were very challenging but also very rewarding.  I've never tackled the subjects of the readings I was asked to do and I really didn't know if I could get any useful information from trying to do them.  This has given me the opportunity to see that I can do things I wasn't sure I could."

Lily E. (Canada)

"The TSP protocol helps me keep track of my psychic/intuitive development as the structure relies on careful documentation and realistic evaluation of one's accuracy, performance and overall competence.  TSP Remote Viewing also challenges my ability to read a client regardless of being front-loaded by questions and additional information.   It has taken my remote viewing skills a step further.  It's as if Nancy has create a perfect synthesis between traditional RV techniques and protocol, and conventional psychic reading.  The TSP Remote Viewing protocol encourages one to produce and deliver high quality data.  In my opinion the TSP protocol is deal for those that are serious about their development and improving the quality of their readings... perhaps those that are at an intermediate or advanced level."

Rudu VB (Australia)

"For me, TSP Remote Viewing was the perfect way to start exploring.  It gives me a good foundation for continued learning.  I can't imagine jumping into CRV without this type of foundation."

Regina T. (Colorado)

"TSP addresses on of my biggest problems with traditional remote viewing in that it facilities 1-on-1 client readings.  In my experience this is the type of psychic interaction that most people are interested in.  The unique format mitigates accusations of 'cold-reading' and to an extent would be more convincing to a skeptical client."

Justin S. (New Jersey)

"This course rocked!  Nancy is a seasoned and inspiring teacher.  That undoubtedly comes across in every class.  I had the honor and privilege to peek into her multi-faceted and multi-layered knowledge which she so generally shared with us, her students.  The class was the real deal, for me.  It took away a lot of self-doubt about my psychic skills and provided lots of physical confirmation of my own abilities.  She teaches a great structure to get to it, very down to earth approach, no woo-hoo.  She is patient, super kind and open, and no questions stays unanswered.  She works overtime until everybody got it."

Anat F. (Long Island, NY)  

"I do not understand why or who, while in Nancy's class but in my personal life I was aware of experiences that I do not normally have.  All were positive in nature so I welcomes all of them and I hope that they continue.  [...] Overall TSP carried over into my daily life in a small but positive way.  I never got any type of feeling like this from doing CRV.  I believe that CRV and TSP are different vehicles designed to get people to the same destination but the vehicles just travel down different roads to get there. [...] My perception of how Nancy teaches is that she only accepts logical and concrete data to count as a hit.  There is ton of value in learning this from Nancy.  I will emulate this standard of reporting my data from here on out."

Dino R. (Alaska) 

"TSP Remote Viewing provides valuable tools to use in psychic work that I have not found in other classes.  [...] The protocols and method of scoring results provide an objective way to evaluate results. [...] The assignments were fun and interesting."

Nancy N. (Florida)

"It was an amazing experience.  It's incredible to find out and learn how to do TSP remote viewing."

Dr. Ningning H. (New Jersey)

"I strongly believe the TSP course was invaluable for me.  I heard about remote viewing for many years, although I never had the opportunity to study with a respected and knowledgeable person such as yourself!  [...] The most valuable insight I gained was to never 'assume' anything about a case!  This lesson will be something be something I use in my work as a Medium and in cold cases."  

Debbie W. (Maryland)

"My experience working with Nancy and the TSP program has been so enriching.  She has encouraged me to be confident about my impressions and to push my boundaries of comfort when working with clients.  Learning this unique protocol has infused my practice with structure and a more detailed knowledge and analysis of my own abilities.  I feel as thought his program has strengthened my faith in myself and the data that I am receiving, whilst having the tremendous opportunity to assist others in the process."

Macon M. (New York)

"As I am not a person who is schooled as a psychic or medium, it has been mind-blowing to me that I was able to pick up some accurate information.  I simply did not know I could do that.  My life will never be the same.  This has given me a new concept of the capability of my brain and I am excited about that."

Wendy M. (Maryland)

 remote viewing, intuition.

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