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The best way to join Nancy's psychic development workshops and classes is to join the NYC or NJ Skeptical Psychics Societies on  There are no obligations or fees for joining.  As a member, you will have access to the monthly workshop schedules, communications from Nancy, and the ability to contact other like-minded members by email, RSVP for workshops, or post notices.  Click here for the NYC Skeptical Psychics Society and here for the NJ Skeptical Psychics Society. RSVP to on or with NDT@theskeptical



Revised Fall 2019 TSP REMOTE VIEWING - LEVEL 1

Course Duration:   6 weeks.  2 hours/week.  Total: 12 hours

Class Size:   Very limited, small, worldwide

Requirements:  Computer Access, Camera and Microphone

Cost:   $535 (payable via Paypal or by check - see Readings and Services page) and must be received no later than October 10.  

Dates/Times:  Sundays from 7:30-9:30 PM Eastern Time.  October 13, 20, 27, and November 3,10, 17, 2019.

Syllabus:You will learn the TSP protocols including: how to identify a target; frontloading and how to deal with partial knowledge; summarizing the client interaction; dealing with difficult clients;  the remote viewing techniques used in the advance reading; how to determine hits and misses; how to identify TSP synchronicities within the scope of the reading; messaging for the client; scoring and judging your transcript.  You will learn how to work with a real client and learn ways to  access psychic information about all kinds of different targets.  This means that, unlike other types of classical remote viewing, you will not end up limited to having to work with another person as your monitor and you will not spend your time doing endless target practice with photographs.  This is a real world technique.  It is extremely useful and it is highly documented.  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me directly. 


       (If interested, please email

Here are some reviews by previous TSP students:

"I enjoyed Nancy's TSP Level 1 course immensely. I have taken part in many online psychic development courses throughout the past ten years. In my opinion, Nancy's method is the epitome of sophistication with regards to psychic reading. Her TSP protocol offers a structure that is unique in that one can easily present data, zone in on specifics, fine-tune one's psychic "data-base" and track one's progress. The method also allows for freedom and flexibility in terms of incorporating one's existing techniques for psychic apperception. I highly recommend this course. The protocol is an excellent working method for professionals. The group cohesiveness, Nancy's support and her firm grasp on the material made the course a truly fulfilling experience. Thank you Nancy!"


Perth, Australia

"I started Nancy's TSP course without any intuitive experience and I am so glad I did. Even though I had no intuitive background, this TSP course provided me a safe place to experiment with my personal psychic development. I am also so glad I took this course early on in my psychic awareness because I now have a clear organized methodology (TSP) into which I can document, categorize, and analyze all my intuitive experiences hence forward. I can easily imagine being years into a psychic career and wishing I had the TSP toolkit to objectively document, categorize, and analyze my experiences so that I may apply that understanding towards improving my personal intuitive strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, TSP methodology is truly a valuable tool I can use to help myself make sense of psychic experiences - something often considered nonsensical. How incredible is that?!  Those obvious boons aside, another reason I'm so glad I took this course is because I had to overcome tremendous fears in order to not quit several times over. Nancy is an extraordinary and giving instructor who stood by me even after I gave her considerable grief. I am truly grateful for her sound advice and encouragement – both of which have been invaluable to me in my development psychically and as a person. What a mind-expanding, affirming, and empowering experience this TSP class has been."



"This is the second time I have taken Nancy's TSP Remote Viewing - Level 1 course, and I am so glad I did!  I learned so much from Nancy, and from everyone in our class, this really was a treasure trove of an experience.  Our group was wonderful!  Each student had a unique approach, which was integral to what we also accomplished together, and I gained a cumulative perspective which is invaluable to me, thanks to taking this course again.  The TSP protocols are gratifyingly structured and systematic, precise and thorough; definitions and instructions are clearly explained, in class and in print.  The method secures that anchor you need with diaphanous psychic data, but not without your earnest participation!  Through succinct dialogue, feedback, and careful, accurate documentation, you learn to translate your own psychic language into a comprehensible and successful format.  Practice is key and Nancy provides plenty of it, with numerous types of psychic readings and written assignments.  Again, we had the privilege to work with a bona fide operational case, and no surprise, its educational value has been incalculable.  So, whatever trepidations you may have, be assured your confidence also builds with every thrilling truth.  Want to know how?  Take Nancy's course to find out!"



 “Nancy’s TSP Remote Viewing Course is a well-crafted course that has taught me to trust and systematically verify and develop a variety of my TSP skills, and her well-intentioned method and style of teaching helps students comfortably discover skills they may not have known that they had available to them.”

Roberto Martocci,

New Jersey


“I want to let you know that participating in your class has been an amazing time and experience for me.  I feel somehow that to learn from you and to be able to understand even a fraction of a lifetime of deeply devoted study and its application is such an honor. […] I would like to thank you deeply for the generosity of your time that you put into this class.  I felt so overwhelmed by the breadth of what we were doing and its unfamiliarity that I struggled with your instructions as well.  I was so terrified of trying to get ‘psychic information’ that I did not even comprehend your instructions for homework.  This has been terrifying and life changing.  But in ‘life changing’ – I mean it will last a lifetime.  I look forward to your next class and being involved in advanced study with you!”

Holly Worley,



“I found the class to be invaluable.  It was amazing to see that, if I tune in, the information that I receive is very accurate.  It was a reminder that we all have the ability to see across time and space.  During the Skype classes, all my questions were answered and examples given, as needed.  The interaction with the instructor and the other students, at the same time, enabled me to learn receiving techniques that were not natural to me.  The class provided a safe place to share all information received, no matter how crazy it appeared.  I now have the structure, and steps to know how to effectively find answers for myself and others.  With continued exercises, I am confident that I will continue to fine-tune my abilities.  The paperwork, provided with the course, makes it easy to follow the necessary steps and to gage accuracy in subsequent readings.  I am excited to go forward with these new skills.”

Annie Feinstein,













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