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This is a 2-step process for scheduling a reading with Nancy.



1)   CONTACT FORM - Click here to fill out your CONTACT INFO FORM

2)   PAYMENT - Select what type of reading you want from the choices below & pay with Paypal.  If you wish to have a reading longer than 1/2 hour, just add additional time by repeating the process.  Once we receive both items (your payment and your Contact Form), Nancy will contact you to set up a date and time for your reading.


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Select the Type of Private Reading or Product You Desire


Psychic Reading - 1 Hour
This is designed to use intuitive, psychic and remote viewing skills to access information about the client. Typically, this involves issues of health, romance, finances, family, relationships, past lives, decision-making, and future events involving the client.
Price: $165.00
















Medical Intuitive/Energy Healing - 1 Hour
This reading identifies the energetic patterns disrupted by ill health and attempts to strengthen the natural, internal response. Typically, the client wants to understand a health problem or receive energetic healing (this can be done remotely over the phone or Skype) to resolve the issue. This is not intended as either a "medical diagnosis" or a "medical treatment" although clients may experience physical relief and may obtain useful additional health information which they can integrate into their lives.
Price: $165.00









Psychic Detective/Remote Viewing - 1 Hour
Clients who choose this type of reading most commonly are looking for additional information to find someone or something they have lost, such as a missing piece of jewelry, a lost family pet, or the body of a suspected homicide victim. This kind of work is often used to supplement ongoing police investigations.It is suggested that the client bring any photos, clothing, jewelry, or other personal objects associated with the person or animal they wish to locate.
Price: $165.00
























Spiritual Mediumship - 1 Hour
This is a form of spirit communication, not channeling, in which spirit messages for the sitter are revealed. Typically, this kind of reading is for the person who wishes to communicate with someone they knew who has passed away. The "information" received is from spirit and not from the client's own psychic energy. Since spirits do not appear on command, the client is advised to keep an open mind as to whoever comes through and the message they bring.
Price: $165.00





















"TSP Basic Remote Viewing Online Intensive Course
This is a course offering for a 6 week, intensive two hours/week online series of classes teaching "TSP Basic Remote Viewing Online Intensive Course." Classes will be held Sunday evenings, 7:30-9:30 PM Eastern Time. Dates: October 13, 20, 27 and November 3,10,17, 2019. TSP was developed by Nancy and will be taught by her. It is a hybrid approach using psychic reading techniques combined with traditional military-style remote viewing skills.
Price: $535.00

NOTE OF CAUTION:  Please remember no psychic or medium can or should guarantee the accuracy of their readings.  Anyone who does is not being truthful.  In this highly ambiguous realm of the supernatural, paranormal, spiritual and intuitive, there are very few absolutes.  It is unlike our "normal" world of linear time and logic.  Readings are essentially interpretations of non-verbal imagery.  Without words, we are in a whole different ballgame. Symbolism can be both personal or universal - and they aren't the same thing.  Mental imagery can also be literal or figurative.  Psychic sensations can be dim or vivid.  Consequently, a psychic or medium may erroneously lean toward one interpretation over another and this can lead to a wrong conclusion.  This doesn't necessarily mean the psychic didn't actually receive psychic information - rather it means the psychic failed to assign the proper meaning to their imagery or sensations.  On the other hand, when a psychic does find the correct meaning, their readings can be truly extraordinary - and, if used wisely by the sitter, very helpful.


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